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Offering mindfulness training in and around Lincoln

Mindfulness for everyday people in everyday life

Our guides cover the basics, brain science, benefits and ‘buzz’ words.

Reach your true potential

We offer a range of courses tailored towards your personal development and well-being

Young lives and families matter

Teach our kids skills to be able to grow emotional intelligence, resilience and happiness. Feel more content, in control as you parent and be connected to your kids.

Getting started - staying connected

Here are a few ways to explore and experience mindfulness training

Taste and try: Free sessions

Introductory sessions are held before each course. Everyone is welcome and it’d be great to meet you.

Time for you: Drop-in sessions

Support for those with an on-going personal practice and suitable for those new to mindfulness training.

Share a mindful moment: try a practice for yourself

Try first hand a short mindfulness practice, offering you a short pause in your day. Access to a wide range of guided practices for use at home.

Stay connected: grow your mindfulness skills for life

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