Zentangling explained

A heart-inspired zentangle

What is zentangling...? Zentangling is:

a form of art created by drawing repetitive geometric shapes, lines, dots, circles, ‘squiggles’ or patterns and fractal shapes inspired from nature in a semi-structured way.

For everyone This is an activity that requires NO artistic flair or skills in drawing. If you can write, you can do this! I have seen this time and again.

Relaxing Zentangling helps us to settle down and feel relaxed. It is captivating, enchanting, soothing and meditative all in a golden one-er! It encourages us to be in a calm state of flow and can be your daily meditation without sitting cross-legged!

Convenient This is a wonderful activity that you can spend 5, 10 or more minutes on. This is one activity that you DO NOT have to create oodles of time to do. It will always be accessible to you no matter how much time you have to spare.

Good for your well-being As it is so soothing and relaxing, Zentangling can help boost your mood, and has been used in the US to support those with stress, anxiety, sleeping issues and addiction, as examples.

Mobile Pop a few pens and a doodle pad in your bag, satchel, laptop case and you are away. This works on the train, plane, coffee room, lunch time, is wonderful for some ‘car park calm’ and of course perfect whilst waiting for any sort of appointment.

Support to help you be more mindful As you tangle away you will become aware of many thoughts, feelings, sensations in your body as they are happening. This simply is what being mindful involves. As we tangle, we try to work with an attitude of ‘allowing things to be as they are’, no matter what it is: the perfect replica of a tangle or a ‘oops’ that takes us to our edge of comfort. Acceptance is truly is a mindfulness skill4life!

Your bespoke masterpiece in the making You will be WOWED and amazed at what you have created using simple black and white space. Its beauty is undeniable and will be enjoyed by many, especially you.

A partially completed Zentangle with pen

Our offering - time for you

We have a created a beautiful range of ART PACKS that include everything you need to get you started with Zentangling. Each ART PACK contains a comprehensive workbook illustrated with the most elegant tangles and a pack of 5 professional drawing pens. You will also get at least one "barely there" template, for you to complete, which is printed on the best quality card (220gsm) to allow your finished masterpiece to be displayed exquisitely. We have carefully drawn an extensive menu of stunning templates, for you to choose from, which we are adding to all the time.

To see what is entirely possible, explore your own potential and feel inspired, do visit our Zen ART GALLERY, which displays some of the amazing art created by beginners! Told you…if you can write your name, you can tangle.

We wish you all happy tangling