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The company bit and making sure you are in good hands

I've been practicing mindfulness and learning about the inner qualities of the mind and body since 2011 before feeling ready to offer mindfulness training to others. For my own professional development and security, I follow the principles of the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) for teaching mindfulness-based courses, I am a full member of the Mindfulness Association Ltd and undergo a mentoring and supervision process overseen by a highly skilled and inspiring mentor - Fay Adams (The Mindfulness Association Ltd, UK).

Our core focus is to:

Share well-researched knowledge and skills of mindfulness

Show that mindful awareness brings clarity

Demonstrate that skilful responses offer more choice

Exemplify that choiceful awareness supports enhanced well-being and an increased sense of being connected with life moment by moment.

Though it is not necessary to be a teacher of mindfulness, I chose to widen and develop my academic knowledge of mindfulness, compassion and insight by undertaking a 3-year MSc in studies in Mindfulness (University of Aberdeen) and I am thankful of completing the first year with distinction and am thoroughly enjoying the second year as I write! As a requirement of my "continuing professional development" I attend follow-on courses, workshops and regular residential retreats (including the blissful ones where we are not allowed to speak – bet some of you that know me are surprised at that!).


Helping adults to achieve well-being

With the help of the really important people in my life, I aim to bring mindfulness training to the Scottish Borders and wider community. I teach experiential courses that are tailored to combat the kind of personal and professional challenges that adults experience in their day-to-day lives and to promote improved mental and emotional health and well-being.

Kids and families, growing together

I am passionate about offering my own kids the best start to being emotionally aware & resilient, patient, tolerant and kind & caring towards themselves and others. It’s attitudes such as these that build our communities, societies and connect us to each other. There’s no need to exclude children from learning the skills of mindful awareness - in fact what they are learning about is both the attitudes that I have just described and also an understanding of how their mind, brain and body systems work together to display moods, feelings, thoughts and actions and urges. Just like any piece of equipment, the more our kids know about how they themselves work (from the inside out) the better they will be able to operate….the earlier the learning the better ‘tooled-up’ for BIG LIFE our little ones will be.

Be the best version of you

I know these teachings to be impactive and transformative because I have experienced it first-hand; I have seen this happen for the many clients that I have taught over the last year and, in schools, where my colleagues have taught and by speaking with teachers and head of schools where mindfulness is being taught. The evidence and research surrounding material from the experts (that is clinicians, neuroscientists, psychologists & psychiatrists and the other ‘ologists’, teachers, heads of schools, mindfulness teachers) that has been evaluated is robust.

Our wider intention is to build relationships, communities and societies that are connected, not divided or divisive, by way of teaching skills of mindfulness awareness, compassion, insight and understanding

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